Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection – The Ultimate Fan Set

by Yo Snyder

This is the kind of thing that separates the real fans, i.e. the
one’s with some sort of obsessive sickness, from the casual fans. Warner
Bros. recently announced a truly ultimate collector’s edition of the
Harry Potter films. It contains 31 discs, has all of the previously
released special features along with five hours of previously unreleased
material including J.K. Rowling talking with screenwriter Steve Kloves
about translating the books to film, and a documentary on the cast and
what it was like literally growing up on the sets of these films. Plus, a
blueprint of Hogwarts Castle, sketch prints from the production
designer, a Horcrux locket prop, and more.

lots of stuff for fans to go gaga over, but how much will it cost?
Well, as I said, this is the kind of thing that separates the fanatics
from the regular fans. For all of this wizarding goodness, expect to
shell out around $500. A little too much for you? Then you must not be a
true Harry Potter fan. In all fairness, considering how many
discs there are, and the fact that it’s all eight movies, and the huge
load of special features, and the rather nice, very cool looking
packaging, $500 isn’t completely outrageous, especially if you don’t
already own the movies. Still, it’s steep enough that Santa will
probably get a lot requests for this later this year. The Harry Potter
Wizard’s Collection releases on September 7th, so start saving now.