Halo 4 – What Mode Should We Play on Game Night?

by Yo Snyder

Pretty much everyone with an Xbox picked up a copy of Halo 4, and why not, it’s probably one
of the entries in the series thus far. We’ll have more on that when we review
the game this Sunday on The Guide Radio Show and when we post our review next
week, but considering the game made over $220 million in just 24 hours, it’s
safe to assume quite a few of you have the game. So, hopefully that means you’ll
join us tomorrow night, Saturday the 17th, at 7pm for a Halo 4 game night with The Guide. We’ll
set up an Xbox Live Party, and once everyone joins, we’ll get into some gaming.
The only question is, what should we play? Leave some suggestions in the
comments below about which multiplayer mode you’d like to play during our Halo 4 game night. Again, that starts
tomorrow night at 7pm on Xbox Live, so log-in and join us. Our gamertags are
batyo (Yo), Darth Blizz89 (Will), and
sTeVo j (Stevo). We’ll see you online tomorrow night! Don’t forget to leave you
suggestions in the comments below.