Halo 4 – Halo 4 Game Night This Saturday

by Yo Snyder

This Saturday you can play Halo 4 with the guys from The Guide. Starting at 7pm MST, join Yo
(gamertag batyo), Will (gamertag Darth Blizz89) and Stevo (gamertag sTeVo j)
for an evening of Halo 4 multiplayer and a chance to win some cool stuff,
including the latest album from TFK. Just join our Xbox Live party at 7pm and
well get things organized and we’ll all enjoy some Halo 4, however you’re not allowed to come up from behind for a
melee attack on batyo because, well, he never sees that coming. We’ll see you
this Saturday night, 7pm on Xbox Live. If you have any questions, or
suggestions for what game mode we should all play, let us know in the comments