Guardians of the Galaxy – The Marvel Movi U Get Weird

by Yo Snyder

You gotta admire Marvel’s tenacity in constructing their
on-screen, inter-locking movie universe. They weren’t content to just go with
what was commercially viable; they’ve been willing to use pieces that best fit
and help tell the story that they want to tell. There was some concern that Thor was too obscure and that its
mythology was too dense and its setting was too cosmic to really work
on-screen; and yet Marvel moved ahead with it because it fit the story they
were trying to pull together for the Avengers movie. Now, as they move into the
second phase of their Grand Plan, Marvel is making another gutsy move by
introducing the world to the Guardians of
the Galaxy
. If some thought Thor was
too obscure and strange to work on-screen, I wonder how they’ll feel about a
little raccoon that loves to use huge guns, or a living tree that isn’t an Ent
but basically is a cosmic version of an Ent, or about a band of five misfits
travelling the galaxy getting into trouble, or about a guy who wants everyone
to be intimidated by his self-appointed, “cool” name; Star-Lord.

But you know what, I like what Marvel is doing here. They’re
showing there’s more to comic book heroes than flights and tights. I like that
we’re getting to see other kinds of heroes and hopefully other kinds of stories.
Guardians isn’t typical super hero fare, but it could be a really cool space
adventure that, yes, in fitting with Marvel’s Grand Plan, should eventually
tie-in with the more “normal” heroes of Marvel’s super movie universe. Then again,
outside of Star Trek and Star Wars, can you think of any space-based adventures
that have clicked with audiences? Okay, Avatar,
but I’m hard-pressed to call that Fern
remake a true space adventure. John
is probably the closest in recent years to launching a new
space-based franchise, but despite being a pretty good movie, it didn’t soar
with audiences. Not every part of Marvel’s connected universe has worked (see
The Incredible Hulk), but I’d say Guardians
of the Galaxy
is its riskiest move yet; but it’s also one that I really
hope works. We need more goofy, roguish, scruffy-looking nerf herders flying
around the galaxy causing trouble. If the first trailer is any indication, Guardians of the Galaxy shows that
Marvel agrees. It’ll be interesting to see when this film releases not only if
it will really work, but also how it will help tie things together in Marvel’s
Grand Plan. Take a look at the trailer and share your thoughts. Too weird? Are
you intrigued? Confused? Wish they’d just make another Iron Man already?