Grown Ups 2 – Back for More Laughs

by Yo Snyder

Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris
Rock, and David Spade are back together for a second round of laughs, and a
load of laughs they deliver!  Along with a strong supporting cast
including of course, a long list of SNL actors, this movie delivers some
hilarious moments.  I doubt anyone can watch the quarry cliff jumping
scene or the 80s themed party outfits without some good laugh out loud
moments.  Even if you might feel a bit guilty about some of the content
you’re laughing about.  Grown Ups 2
puts Lenny (Sandler) back in his home town with his best buds and their
kids.  Sandler’s latest movies have done a great job of pointing fun at a
lot of kid situations that any parent can relate to, even some you may feel
guilty laughing at like heading for the sleep aid cold medicine to help your
kid sleep. 

Along with some fun parent humor it
has its fair share of PG-13 comedy with lots of sexual innuendo.  There
are a few scenes where perhaps they took it a bit far such as suggestive
positions during aerobics (led by none other than Jon Lovitz) but these are
scenes well expected from the SNL crowd.  Overall, I really enjoyed the
comedy, lots of fun was poked at various actors including Shaq who had a
prominent role.  Some stellar comedy performances were delivered by supporting
cast such as Nick Swardson.  I can’t imagine anyone who would not let out
a good laugh at a least one of his crazy antics during the movie for instance,
his 80s costume just about had me fall out of my seat laughing. 

I’d really like to say there are
some clear redeeming values shared by the end of the film, a reconciled
relationship, a father/son talk about integrity, a discussion of family values,
but alas, there is not.  Sure the movie has some positive elements in all
the guys stay committed to their wives, or Sandler’s character professing his
love for family time with his best friends at the dinner table, but it’s often
combined with typical worldly values.  A commitment to marriage followed
by, it’s ok to look, but just don’t go any further for example.  Or, it’s
ok to lie if it is for a good reason. 

Those in their 30s and early 40s are
going to find a lot more to laugh about with the 80s references and throw back
humor and people of all ages (over 13) will find plenty to enjoy and laugh
about while not feeling too guilty at the content they are laughing over. 
If you find SNL offensive, stay away, if you enjoy the comedic level of SNL
past and present, you will thoroughly enjoy this movie.

Score: 5 out of 7 – I would rent it to see it again and
laugh with friends.