Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters – A Game That’s Better Than The Movie?

by Yo Snyder

Video games that are developed as tie-ins for movies dont have the
greatest reputation; and thats because they generally suck. So when a
movie tie-in video game comes along that isnt truly awful, well thats
something to take note of. Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters
is just such a game. Its not great by any stretch of the imagination,
but its certainly not terrible either. In truth, I had fun with this
game, which definitely took me by surprise. Perhaps the biggest surprise
of all is that the game just might be more fun than the movie.

GL: Rise of the Manhunters is a pretty simple game. You
spawn constructs to fight Manhunter robots. You do that here, you do
that there, you do that everywhere. These levels are broken up by the
occasional flight sequence, a few puzzles and some big boss fights (as
in these bosses are really big). Still, its pretty much the same brawl
over and over. What keeps it interesting is your powers. You have a wide
variety of constructs to use from mechs to weapons to jets and so on.
Its fun in the same sense that force powers and lightsabers made it fun
to do the same thing over and over again in Force Unleashed 2.
It would have been nice to be able to fly whenever you want, instead of
waiting for only certain moments to do, but that annoyance aside, I had
a good time being a Green Lantern. Better yet, a friend can drop in
anytime and play co-op, which makes things even more fun.

However, that being said, there isnt much more to this game than
beating up Manhunters with various green, glowing constructs. The story
isnt anything memorable, the graphics are functional but not stellar,
the voice acting also gets the job done (and often borders on straight
up cheesy), and so it goes; everything is good enough to get the job
done but things really stands out. However, as I said, the very fact
that game turned out to be pretty decent entertainment is a pretty good
achievement all of its own.

And, um, yeah, thats pretty much it. There isnt a whole lot to this
game. Lots of button mashing and upgrading and smashing stuff as a
Green Lantern. As I said, its just remarkable that its all pretty fun.
Given some time and more development, this could have been a really
good super hero game. All the core elements are here, they just needed
some more work.
Other than cashing in on the release of the new movie, Im not sure why
this game wasnt given the time to develop more. It really doesnt have
much to do with the movie other than the fact it features Ryan
Reynolds, so why not must make it an awesome Green Lantern game rather
than an okay movie tie-in? Well, in any event, it is what it is, and Im
just impressed that its actually enjoyable. Its a good rental or if
youre a fan, a bargain buy.

Score out of 7:

Graphics: 4 – Not the prettiest looking game around, but its not
terrible wither. The glowing constructs look pretty good, and theres
lots of dazzling light particle stuff going on, but its still pretty
average overall.

Sound: 4 – Again, all average stuff. Voice acting can dip below
average at times, but not often. Music is forgettable, but like
everything else, its good enough to get the job done.

Gameplay: 4 – Average but fun. Making constructs with your ring is a
blast, even if its simple, repetitive fun. The flight sequences help
break things up, but this pretty much a straight up brawler. However,
with plenty of upgrades and varieties to your powers, it fairly
enjoyable, especially when you get a friend to join in on the fun.

Controls: 5 – Its a button masher, so nothing too complicated here.
However, the way you assign constructs is simple and intuitive, although
it can be hard to remember which power you assigned to which button.
Controls are fairly responsive, although not quite as crisp as they
could be.

Story: 4 – The background on the Manhunters is kind of interesting,
but dealing with the Yellow power of Fear again, the main tie to the
movie, isnt all that interesting.

Content: 4 – Like the movie, Hal sure likes to use mild swear words a lot; a lot.  Its an annoyance, but the rest is innocuous comic book action and violence.

Final: 4 – Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters is
surprisingly enjoyable for being a movie tie-in game. Its simple,
repetitive, and not all that in-depth; but it is fun, and how often can
you say that about a movie game? Again, its a good rental or a decent
bargain buy if youre a die-hard fan.