Green Lantern – Green Lantern On Blu Helps Batman Be Yellow

by Yo Snyder

The release of Green Lantern on Blu-Ray and DVD is right
around the corner. Now, while the movie wasn’t necessarily all that it
could have been (although that is a subject of fierce debate among
fans), the soon to be released Blu-Rays have an entirely different
motivator for people to pick up a copy beyond just seeing a mediocre
super-hero film (I know that’s not how everyone feels, but it’s the way I

If you happen to pick up the 3D/Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack, you’ll also get a code to unlock a Sinestro Corps Batman skin for Batman, Arkham city.
You’ll be able to use this costume in both the story campaign and for
the challenge maps, although there’s no word on whether or not the
costume will give you access to yellow constructs for gadgets (which
would just be over the top cool, but probably too much to ask for). Yeah. This would be cool in a video game.
Unfortunately, this code will only work for PS3 copies of the game, I’m
guessing that’s because PS3s have a Blu-Ray player built in. So, sorry
Xbox 360 owners (myself included), you won’t have access to this even if
you buy Green Lantern on Blu-Ray (which means suddenly there are
that many more people who won’t). So what do you think? Would you be
willing to $40 for a so-so movie just so you can play as Sinestro Batman
this October? Green Lantern releases October 14th in three
different sets; a 3D/Blu-Ray/DVD set for $41, a Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack
for $36, and on DVD for $29 bucks. The Blu-Ray combo packs will also
include a digital copy of the movie, and extras that include an extended
cut of the film, so behind the scenes documentaries, a digital comic
and a preview of the upcoming animated Green Lantern show. Batman: Arkham City releases October 18th.