Godzilla – Return of the King

by Yo Snyder

There are plenty of movie to get excited about in 2014, but
I’d have to say the one that’s at the top of my list would have to be Godzilla. Now I really didn’t mind the
1998 Emmerich re-make; not it wasn’t great, but it was kind of fun in a sort of
silly, cheesy kind of way. This new Godzilla
is obviously taking things a bit more seriously; or at least as seriously as
one can take a giant monster destroying San Francisco. While the first trailer
didn’t reveal much, it did reveal a much darker look and tone, and it certainly
has a much more intense feel to it. Interestingly, I’ve heard 9/11 and the
fallout from that horrific event was used as sort of a template for what this
film should feel like. I’ve also heard this is the tallest, largest version of
Godzilla yet. All of this hype adds up to one of my most anticipated movies of
2014; I’m stoked for the return of the King of Monsters. Take a look at the trailer below and share what you think.