Godzilla – Creation in Balance, thoughts on 3D and IMAX

by Yo Snyder

Taking a slightly different tact with this review, let me
first suggest you check out Yo’s very accurate review of this movie.  We exchanged some texts and had some pretty
strong agreements.  With that, let me try
to add a few things.  First, I saw the movie
in IMAX 3D at Winrock.  Being the first
IMAX movie I saw there, I want to offer my opinion on the value.  The perks: you get a larger screen, higher
quality sound, and a cool layout to the theater seating.  The drawbacks: the screen is not fully utilized
in most movies, the screen is not as large as other IMAX screens, the 3D
glasses are oversized and can have glare issues, and it seems the 3D is
different in that if you tilt your head, the images go double.   During the previews, someone commented he
thought the sound was better in the RPX theater because they had more
speakers.  I plan to check that out
next.  My conclusion:  save your $17.50.  Let me also take this time to share my
thoughts on 3D and IMAX in general.  Not
many movies are shot in 3D or IMAX.  3D
filming is very complex and requires large amount of time to set up.  Time most actors and crew are not willing to
take…  So most movies are post converted
to 3D.  There is a difference and though
it may be subtle, it tells you something about the 3D process.  Its kind of a post edit gimmick.  In some movies, it can add some cool effects
to certain scenes (see the final sequence in Amazing Spiderman 2 for
instance).  But for the whole film to be
converted without any thought to shooting and setting up scenes for 3D, it
becomes an afterthought without much added effect.  So for most movies, I prefer no 3D.  Also, its expensive to shoot in IMAX, most
films post convert here too.  Again,
without being filmed in the intended final format, you don’t see scenes and
edits set up for the IMAX experience much the same as with 3D experience.  So for me, I would recommend avoiding the
extra $$$ for films that are post converted, not because they are not cool to
see, but because most of the movie will not 
be set up to take advantage of the format.  I will check out our IMAX theater one more
time, for the next shot in IMAX blockbuster (or come on, how about re-releasing
the Dark Knight for discount special showing??).

Onto Godzilla!  Unlike
Yo, I did not warm up to the movie more after thinking on it.  I can’t get over the extremely poor plot that
never takes the movie anywhere.  If they
wanted to set this up as a cool creature fighting movie, no problem.  I could have enjoyed that, but they didn’t.  They set it up to be a long story movie that
ends with creatures fighting.  And they
did a poor job of developing any meaningful story.  But something that caught my attention in yet
another poorly explained aspect of story is that the world will balance
itself.  That many of the experiences in
the movie are the result of creation trying to balance itself out.  Having recently studied Romans 8, I agree and
disagree.  Creation is seeking balance,
but not in the way Godzilla portrays.  We
know that creation has been subjected to futility from sin.  That creation cries out to be restored to its
intended glory, along with mankind.  But
this balance, this return to true nature, is not brought about by some dinosaur
from the deep, its brought about by the creator himself.  Through Christ Jesus, creation will be restored,
mankind will be redeemed, and our God’s glory, the original glory of His
creation will be set free!

While Godzilla had some decent movie monster moments, I
would not go out of your way to check this one out.   

3 out of 7 – Agree with Yo, a relatively tame monster movie
that mature younger audiences may enjoy.