Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – Fresh DLC Incoming This Month

by Yo Snyder

As per usual for any shooter, the criminally ignored Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (a game that we really liked)
is getting some fresh maps this July. They’re perfect for the hot
summer months too because they’re taking the fight to the arctic.  The Arctic Strike
DLC drops later this month and features three new multiplayer maps,
including one in the frozen wastelands of the arctic and one in the
streets of Moscow, and a new map for the Guerrilla co-op mode. Plus the
DLC features a new game mode called Stockade and two new weapons for
each class. All in all, not bad for the ten bucks it’ll cost you to pick
it up. We loved the fresh take Ghost Recon has on modern
shooters, and it’s multiplayer is some of the most challenging fun
around, so it’s nice to have some more variety for that. If you haven’t
picked this one up yet, do so, it’s a great change of pace to help
scratch that itchy trigger finger.