Gears of War 3 – Community Game Night, September 27th

by Yo Snyder

It’s another chance for you to win free stuff while playing
video games with some cool dudes. Tuesday, September 27th join the
guys from KNKT Radio, Static Radio and The Guide for some intense action with
the Gears of War 3 Horde Mode. The
carnage will start promptly at eight pm, and prizes will be awarded for those
who excel at mayhem and destruction (sounds fun, right?). Here’s the catch,
though, we only have room for twelve players. Yeah, I know, that sounds kind of
exclusive, but Horde mode only allows up to five players, and there are only
three of us hosting, which means room for only four other players per game. But
it’s going to be fun, and you might get free stuff like Blindside CDs, Dumbo on Blu-Ray, a signed Supertones
poster from Freedom Fest, a Static T-Shirt, a free comic from Astro-Zombies,
and who knows what else we’ll have to give away. And if there’s a high demand,
maybe we’ll have to make these community game nights even bigger. So remember,
Tuesday night September 27th (don’t worry, we won’t stay up too
late) starting at 8pm, look for these gamer tags to join their Xbox Live party
and to play some Gears 3; batyo,
Darth Blizz89, and sTeVo j (all are case sensitive). Play games, hang out, have
fun, win free stuff; why wouldn’t you want to? And keep up with all the latest
updates and tidbits by liking us on Facebook or following us at Twitter.