Gaming Night With The Guide – Race For Free Stuff With Forza 4

by Yo Snyder

All right race fans, The Guide’s Forza 4 race night is happening tomorrow, September 15th
start at 1900 hrs (that’s 7pm Mountain time). Join Will and Yo from The Guide
as we race some elite cars on some of the world’s most amazing tracks. We’ll
get things started on Xbox Live (sorry PS3 owners) right at 1900, so to join
in, look for our Xbox Live party. Yo’s gamertag is batyo, and Will’s is Darth
Blizz. We have some cool stuff for those of you fast enough to win, including
some free CDs, free comics from our friends over at Astro Zombies, and a review
(slightly used) copy of Ghost Recon:
Future Soldier
for the Xbox 360. We’ll do point-to-point races, circuit
races, some drift races and some elimination races on tracks such as Alps
Festival-R, Fujimi Old Down Hill, Maple Valley, Sedona Speedway, Nurburging
Stage C and Old Le Mans. So practice up and we’ll see you on the track for Forza 4. And don’t forget to join The
Guide’s car club.