Gaming Is For Grown-Ups – Only "Weirdos" Play Past The Age Of Thirty

by Yo Snyder

From Farmville and Facebook to the iPad and iPod Touch to, of course,
Nintendo, Xbox and Playstation, gaming is big business these days. In
fact, according to a recent report from the NPD, gaming made over five
billion dollars in just the first quarter of this year (including things
like rentals, subscriptions, downloads and so forth). A lot of people
are playing video games from all walks of life and at all ages. And
yet…somehow the perception persists that gaming is still just for
kids, or lonely losers in their basement. Check it out:

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It’s “weird” for anyone over thirty to play video games? Kind of like
it’s weird to enjoy other forms of media and entertainment like movies,
books, TV, music and the like? Why is there some sort of cut-off for the
“appropriate” age to play games? The industry has made great strides in
becoming a truly interactive form of story telling, not to mention
being a great way to spend time having fun with friends. Was there a
certain age at which one had to stop playing board games (which, by the
way, looks like the only type of “gaming” these “experts” are probably
familiar with)? I just don’t know, people. What are your thoughts?