Gamescom – Sonic Generations Trailer – Two Sonics Are Better Than One

by Yo Snyder

Sonic has had a lot of interesting experiences over the years. He’s been
turned into a werewolf, battled knights, gone on adventures, but now
he’s encountering something entirely different; himself. Thanks to a
little time warping and displacement of the space/time continuum, or
something like that, Sonic is meeting his past self. Weird, right? Well,
regardless of how strange it sounds, it should at least make for an
interesting game. Having a choice to speed through levels as either
classic Sonic or modern Sonic, along with all that implies so far as
racing 2D platformer style or a 3D over the shoulder perspective, sounds
pretty cool to me. At Gamescom, SEGA released an all-new trailer for
the upcoming game Sonic Generations, take a look and see what you think.