Gamescom – PS3 Price Drop – Get A Cheaper Playstation 3

by Yo Snyder

The Nintendo 3DS isn’t the only console getting a price drop this
year, and not I’m not subtly implying that the PS Vita is going to drop
in price before it’s launched. Actually, Sony announced a price drop fro
the Playstation 3 this week at Gamescom. You can now enjoy hi-def
gaming on the PS3 for $250. The 320 gig version of the console is also
dropping in price to $300. Basically it’s a $50 price drop across the
board for the consoles.

If you’re wondering why Sony decided to
drop the price, the company said it wasn’t something they decided to at
the last minute. This price drop has been in the works for awhile, and
with a strong line-up of exclusives coming out this Fall, including
games like Resistance 3 and Uncharted 3, it’s just the
right time. Sony further stated they hoped the new price point will
attract the attention of Xbox and Wii gamers who may have ignored the
PS3 up to this point because of its cost. So what do you think? Are you
more apt to by a PS3 now that it’s fifty bucks cheaper?