Gamescom – Mario and Sonic Olympics Trailer – Who Will Win Gold?

by Yo Snyder

Mario and Sonic are easily two of the world’s biggest video game
mascots. The Olympics is the world’s biggest sporting event. Combing
those two really seems kind of like a no brainer. Truth be told, I
enjoyed the first Mario and Sonic Olympics game, but felt kind of let
down by the winter version (which is too bad because I’m more of Winter
Olympics kind of guy). Well, with another Olympics fast approaching, it
only makes sense that Mario and Sonic would lace up their shoes one more
time for Olympic glory. It looks like this version of the 2012 Olympic
Games in London might have some fun new sports to play, and perhaps (as
suggested at the end of the trailer) some crazier type events in the
spirit of some of the wacky elements of these two icons of gaming. Take a
look at the trailer and see what you think about Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games
(which could earn a medal for one of the most unwieldy titles in recent
years…like since the last Mario and Sonic Olympic game).