Gamescom – EA Press Conference – Battlefield 3 Has Co-Op

by Yo Snyder

Gamescom is underway in Germany, and much like at E3, all the big
guns are showing off their wares to get gamers excited about the big
releases this Fall. EA held their Gamescom press conference earlier
today, and while it didn’t have a whole lot new compared to what they
revealed at E3, there were a few choice tidbits that got me pretty
excited. Here a few of the highlights.

Things got kicked-off, literally speaking, with an announcement of FIFA Street.
Take the football you love off the pitch and to the streets, and while
there wasn’t much shown of the actual game, it was announced that it
will hit the streets early next year.

There was some footage from Need For Speed: The Run shown,
including some of the on foot sequences we saw at E3. However, there was
a bit more talk about how the weather will play a role in your driving.
You’ll have to compete against the elements as well as other drivers in
this game, and some footage of racers trying to avoid an avalanche
helped emphasize that point. Could be fun.

Some more details about Star Wars: The Old Republic were
announced, although still no release date. Among some of the tidbits was
the revelation of “operations”, basically raids in other MMOs.
Operations will be for groups of 8 to 16 players.

Some awesome footage of Mass Effect 3 was shown; why oh why is
March so far away? The footage had some huge battle mechs in it, which
don’t look easy to take down. Could we get a chance to use them? That
would be awesome. Can’t wait for this one.

SSX is all about online play and competition. There are going
to be some worldwide events for players to participate in, which sounds
interesting. Also, a new explore mode for players to enjoy that will
record their ghosts for other players to try and beat.

The news that really got me excited, however, was that Battlefield 3
will feature co-op missions. These won’t be a part of the campaign, but
rather smaller, mostly self-contained stories for two players to enjoy.
Of course, your scores and times and more will all be logged in
BattleLog, Battlefield’s version of AutoLog from the Need for Speed
series. You’ll also be able to find other players for co-op missions and
form your own groups to play with in BattleLog. Could be cool, and I’m
glad EA is making it free. The co-op missions will feature both on-foot
and vehicle stages and look like they’re going to be a whole lot of fun.
New multiplayer footage was also shown on a huge map running on a PC.
Vehicles galore here, including jets (they look awesome). The chaos on
the battlefield looked hectic and a whole lot of fun. War raged in the
air, between vehicles and among guys running around on foot and it was
all mixed together in a massive, chaotic battle. Man, can’t wait for
this game.

So there are the highlights that caught my attention during EA’s Gamescom conference. Battlefield 3
just keeps sounding better and better, and the addition of co-op is
pretty huge as it’s always a good time to take on some missions with a
friend. Thanks for sharing EA.