Gamescom – Burnout Crash Trailer – Is This Still Burnout?

by Yo Snyder

First we heard the name; Burnout: Crash. Yeah, that sounds good. As awesome as Burnout: Paradise
was, the lack of a crash mode – one of the more enjoyable staples of
the series up that point – was sorely missed. The awesome mayhem, chaos
and destruction of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit just reminded us of how great a crash mode in Burnout could be, so hearing that name, Burnout: Crash, got a lot of fans really excited.

however, we found out what the game was. True, you’d do a whole lot of
crashing, but not quite in the way we were expecting. Burnout: Crash
is a downloadable title for Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation
Network. It’s not a typical racer, but a top down (very reminiscent of
early GTA games) crash simulator. This is not what fans were expecting.
But hold on, it could still be a lot of fun. You’ll still get to drive
into an intersection and try to cause as much destruction as possible,
plus you can destroy buildings and even have some silly bonuses to keep
things fresh tossed in as well. It may not be what we were expecting,
but has Criterion ever let us down when it comes to the Burnout
franchise…I mean, other than the lack of a crash mode in Paradise? The
jury’s still out on how fans will receive this latest entry to a beloved franchise, but perhaps this new trailer revealed at Gamescom will help you decide; what do you think? Yeah or nay?