Game of the Year – What Was Yours?

by Yo Snyder

Well it’s hard to believe, but the year is coming to an end. It has, at least as far as I can think, been one of the best years for big game releases in a long time. There were lots of mega sequels released, but also some fun, smaller games that hit the scene as well (deBlob 2 is my most unappreciated, best you’ve never played selection for the year). We’re working on our Holiday Shopping Guide as well as what our Game of the Year selection will be, but we want to get your input. What was your favorite game of 2011? Which game do you think stood out from among all the rest? Which gaming experience was truly unforgettable? What was the best of the best? Sound off in the comments and let us know. Who knows, your input may just alter our own selections.