Fruit Ninja Kinect – It’s Fun, But Is It Worth It?

by Yo Snyder

So Fruit Ninja is one of those cheap games you can download
for your iPad, iPod, iPhone and other iThings and pretty much play any
time any where. As I don’t have any iThings, I’ve never actually tried
the game and didn’t know much about. Then someone decided if it worked
with touch screen devices like iThings, then it would probably work
with Kinect, so why not make it a Kinect game? And so we have Fruit Ninja Kinect,
and while I can’t really compare the experience to that of having it on
an iThing, I can tell you how well this simple concept works for Kinect.

all of this is based merely on the trial version of this Xbox Live
Arcade game, but from what I understand, the full game isn’t that much
different from what you get to try in the trial. Basically, the point
is to wave your arms around as fast as you can to slice fruit that’s
flying across the screen. However, you need to be quick to avoid bombs
and also to get special bonuses with certain kinds of unique fruits.
Also, if you slice things right, you can get bonuses for hitting
multiple fruits at the same time or for mixing things up like you would
in a fruit salad. And that’s pretty much it; you are a human Cuisinart.
Slice, dice, and repeat.

If nothing else, this game demonstrates
just how precise Kinect can be. Not only does the game do a good job of
having the sensor tilt and readjust itself until it fits you in the
frame the best possible way, it also registers your fast hand movements
with incredible precision. Why can’t more Kinect games have this kind
of fast, fluid precision? The lag isn’t all that discernible and I
didn’t have any trouble being precise in trying to slice the fruit and
avoid the bombs. 

That being said, there isn’t much to this game.
It’s all just slicing fruit. That’s fine if you’re sitting around
somewhere and have like two or three minutes to kill, but it doesn’t
make a whole lot of sense for a living room game that requires you to
rearrange the furniture and to have good lighting in order to play.
It’s a fun way to show off what Kinect can do to friends, but beyond
being a glorified tech-demo, I can’t really see spending a lot of time
with this game. Add to that the fact that it costs ten bucks for Kinect
while it’s only 99 cents for iOS, and I can’t say that it makes a whole
lot of sense to purchase. Sure, you can do multiplayer and have two
people slicing fruit as the same time, which is a nice addition, but
ten bucks fun compared to a dollar? Unless you’re really desperate for
some justification for why you own a Kinect, any way you slice it, this
deal isn’t all that sweet.