Forza Motorsport 4 – Cars Are Pretty

by Yo Snyder

The first thing that popped into my head when playing Forza 4; “This game looks good.”
I know the developers have talked a lot about it, but to see it in
action; yeah, it’s impressive. The cars look gorgeous,  no surprise
there, but the environment; wow. The demo has you racing through the
Swiss Alps in Lauterbrunnen; it’s fictional race track based on a real
location. Well, whatever it is, it looks amazing. I want to go to there.
The majestic snow-capped mountains surround you as you speed by.
Reflective mountain lakes shimmer in green fields, and quaint little
Swiss ski towns pass in a blur. It’s all supremely pretty, and the
lighting is amazing. The glare that catches your eye as you come around a
corner and the sun reflects off a snow drift, it looks amazing. The
lighting is equally impressive inside the cars as the sun shifts with
your position, occasionally glaring off the glass of the radio or some
other detail inside the car. The attention to detail here is truly

The rest of the demo is typical Forza; beautiful cars
that handle as realistically as you want them to. You have all kinds of
options to set the difficulty and the realism to the exact setting your
comfortable with. You get three cars in the Quick Race portion of the
demo; a  2010 Ferrari 458 Italia, a 2011 Subaru WRX STI, and a 1970
Mercury Cougar Eliminator. Each have their distinctive handling and
sound; all are a joy to race through the Alps. You can also do the
Rivals mode where you challenge the time of other players. Not sure who
these players are, many of them had times of 20 minutes or more for a
single lap; made me feel good to be able to beat that.

And that’s
pretty much it to the demo. A few cars, one track, a taste of rivals
mode. No Kinect support for the demo, although there will be some such
as head tracking and voice command in the full game, which would have
been nice to sample. Still, the demo certainly whets the appetite for
more, and it shows of just how pretty this game is. Can’t wait for the
release on October 11.