Forza Horizon – The Open Road With Sweet Bonuses

by Yo Snyder

One of the highlights of this year’s E3 was learning about the next
Forza game. It’s not a direct sequel, but rather a spin-off title that
takes the Forza franchise to the open road. Sweet. Forza Horizon
let’s you take some of the most awesome cars in the world and drive them
on the highways and byways of the great state of Colorado. Not only
that, but for the first time you’ll also take cars off-road for some
rally racing fun. Plus, as another first for the Forza franchise, you’ll
get to experience some nighttime driving as well. The whole experience
is centered on a huge festival that celebrates cars and music. The
real-world driving physics will still be around, but now you won’t have
to limit that experience to just the circuit. Personally, I can’t wait.

new limited edition version of the game was just recently announced.
With the new limited edition, you’ll get five exclusive liveries, an
Accelerator Token pack and a VIP membership for the game that will get
you an exclusive pack of five cars, special recognition and access to
special events. It’s all sounds very…er, special. Plus, if you
pre-order it you’ll get a code for an exclusive Forza Horizon themed Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 that you can use in Forza 4, and a code to unlock one of four exclusive cars that will be available when the game launches in October. 

Forza franchise attention to detail, the gorgeous open roads of
Colorful Colorado, some great music and some awesome cars; it all sounds
like a recipe for one enjoyable experience. Look for it October 23rd.