Forza Horizon – Rally Expansion DLC Details

by Yo Snyder

Forza Horizon was
one of the best, most gorgeous looking racers to come out this year. If you
haven’t already tried the open-world beauty of Colorado infused with cars that
look and handle like they just came out of Forza
Motorsport 4
; what are you waiting for? This game is a car fanatics dream
come true. And it’s about to get even better. December 18th Forza Horizon is getting some DLC, and
it’s not just some more cars. The Forza
Rally pack has a bunch of new, off-road, rally racing events with
new terrain, big jumps, and plenty of excitement. Plus, yes, you’ll also get
some new cars. The pack features five new cars, 7 rallies on 20 stages, new
rally upgrades that can be added to any car you own (a very cool feature), new
online rally events, and you’ll even get a navigator ala the Dirt series to
announce what’s coming up as you race far off the beaten path. All of this
comes at the price of 1600 Microsoft points, or about $20. Season Pass owners
will also get a bonus car. I’m still loving every minute of Forza Horizon, but the one thing it did
need was more of the fun of the off-road races, and it looks like this Rally
pack will take care of that. Check out the trailer and we’ll see you online and