Forza Horizon – Demo Gives A Taste Of The Open Road

by Yo Snyder

The demo for Forza Horizon is now available, it does a good
job of whetting your appetite for the main course when the game releases
on October 23rd. The demo gives you access to three events. You can try
some off-road rally racing which gives you a chance to try the famed
Forza physics on dirt roads for the first time, there’s a Showcase event
where you race a Mustang against a Mustang (the WWII fighter plane
version, that is), and a good ol’ street race through the winding,
mountain roads of Colorado. Plus, you can also spend your time just
driving around and soaking in the sights while watching the sun set and
exploring things at night time, another first for a Forza game. All in
all, it appears there will be plenty of diverse ways to satisfy your
need for speed in Forza Horizon. (See what I did there? Clever, right?)

I think it’s a great demo, but it also frustrated me. It frustrated me
because it just made we want to play the actual game. I was ready to
start racing cars, earning cash, and buying newer, cooler cars. I also
wanted to explore hi-ways and by-ways of the Colorado setting, see what
was really out there. The mere fact that pretty much everything I
accomplished in this demo wouldn’t count for anything when I get the
actual game was, well, frustrating. But don’t let that stop you from
giving it a try. The demo reveals a gorgeous looking racer that feels
like Forza but is a bit more forgiving when it comes to the handling of
the cars. The freedom to drive around and do what you want is novel, but
once a race begins, it all feels Forza familiar, even if it is on a
dirt road in the Colorado mountains. 

While both Forza Horizon and Need For Speed: Most Wanted
are releasing later this month (just a week apart, no less), after
playing this demo I think the two will be distinct enough from each
other where race fans won’t have to struggle with any sort of either/or
type of decision.  The only really difficult thing is waiting for the end of the month to get here.