Fate of the Furious

by Justin Johnson

I considered writing some in depth thoughts on this fine feature film, but thought better of it.  I want to leave you with some simplicity in your Easter weekend movie going experience.  If you enjoyed the last three Fast and Furious franchise movies, chances are you will enjoy this one.  The extensive A list of actors and actresses deserves recognition for what a franchise on its 8th installment can accomplish!  I tend to put this installment in my top 3, perhaps even my favorite.  Its over the top, its exciting, its sit back and smile fun!  So do yourself a favor, if you have always thought to yourself, “man those movies are stupid” avoid it.  If you have enjoyed the fun so far, get ready for a great addition to the franchise!

5.5 out of 7 – they have the formula down, its a great addition to the franchise and a worthy outing for those who enjoy the Fast and Furious story.  Rated PG-13 for your mandatory short skirt race scene, adult language, and violence.  You know what to expect…