E3 2012: Star Wars 1313 – A Really Good Star Wars Game?

by Yo Snyder

Ever since a domain name for Star Wars 1313 was spotted a few months
back, there’s been a lot of speculation about what that was. A new
movie? A new book? Something else entirely unexpected? As it turns out, Star Wars 1313
is a new Star Wars video game, and with its unveiling at E3, buzz is
building that it may turn out to be a pretty good one, too.

of all, you won’t find any Force powers in this one, and nary a
lightsaber. This isn’t a game about Jedi unleashing the Force (see what I
did there?). This game is about a different side of the Star Wars
universe. Remember how Obi-Wan warned Luke that Mos Eisley was a
wretched hive of scum and villainy? Well, in this game you dive headlong
into that scum, not on Tatooine, but on Coruscant. The 1313 refers to
one of the lower levels of the city planet, a level where people who
don’t want to be found do things that they don’t want to be sing. This
dark, criminal underbelly of the galaxy is where your adventure takes

You play a bounty hunter who gets caught up in a big-time
criminal conspiracy. What? You expect more than that to be revealed at
the game’s debut? Sorry, more story details are coming, but that’s
pretty much it for now. Still, the idea of being a bounty hunter and
some of the gadgets one could get while doing that kind of work makes
the game sound like it could be plenty of fun. The gameplay is third
person, cover-based shooting with some platforming elements. Think the
Uncharted series, but set in the Star Wars galaxy. I know right? So
cool. A lot of branches of the Lucas empire are coming together to
create this game, including LucasArts, LucasFilm, Indutrial Lights and
Magic, and Skywalker sound. Since character is a big part of this game,
motion capture performances are a big part of it, and with all these
branches working together, I don’t think it’s too much to expect
something special.

There’s a lot more to the galaxy than just swinging a lightsaber, and Star Wars 1313
wants to highlight that in a very mature way (not extreme violence kind
of mature way, but a thoughtful approach to difficult subjects such as
morality not always being black and white kind of mature way). It’s
interesting stuff, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of this very
promising Star Wars game.