E3 2012: Madden NFL 13 – Will This One REALLY Be The Best?

by Yo Snyder

It’s tough releasing a game every year. How do you get truly new and
innovative ideas into it while weeding out the things that don’t work
while improving on the things that do? No easy task, that, but EA gamely
works at that each and every year with the venerable Madden franchise.
Of course, we hear every year how the changes coming to Madden will make
it the best Madden ever, but there is the possibility that Madden NFL 13 may actually live up to those claims. Maybe.

big change revealed at this year’s E3 was the game is getting a new
physics engine. This could potentially have a huge impact on the
gameplay. Every shove, bump and nudge will affect your player with this
new engine, which means things should play out more naturally. Size,
weight, speed will all factor in to collisions between players; meaning
perhaps your big bruiser of a running back will get hit but won’t lose
his balance on first contact. It also means bump and running will
actually have some bumping. It also means that tackles and hits will
look more varied and have more varied results. All of this means that Madden NFL 13
will likely have a different feel to it thanks to all the additions
this new physics engine brings. Am I excited for that? You bet I am.

big change coming to Madden this year is the “connected career”.
Superstar Mode, Franchise Mode, and Online Franchise will now all be
connected to each other. Interesting. You can play as either a created
player or as a current superstar or even a legendary one like, well,
John Madden. As you play you’ll gain XP as you meet certain goals, and
this can be used to help make your player into an NFL legend. Plus, all
of this will generate it’s own storyline that will have an in-game
Twitter feed talking about what you do. Sounds intriguing and just the
sort of refreshment these modes needed (I don’t think I hardly even
played Superstar mode in the last Madden).

There are also new
announcers coming to the game (Mr. Phil Simms and Jim Nantz) which
hopefully should improve the many audio problems heard last year. Also,
Kinect is coming to Madden. In fact, Joe Montana himself came out to
demonstrate this feature. You can call out plays and audibles and even
hike the ball all using voice commands. There was a bit of a lag for
some of this, even for someone like Joe, but it could prove useful.

like whether or not online franchises will now have the same
improvements and capabilities as the offline ones haven’t been answered
yet, but once again EA is trumpeting that there are indeed a whole host
of improvements coming to the franchise (including “Tebowing”) to make
this year’s Madden the best ever. Only time playing the game will tell
if this is true, but it does look promising.