E3 2012: Battlefield 3 – Details On Battlefield Premium

by Yo Snyder

The stream of information coming out of E3 is fast and furious. It’s
tough to keep up. EA has had all kinds of announcements, among them is
the release of Battlefield Premium. This isn’t really a surprise, we
kind of expected the rumors on this to be confirmed at the show, and so
they were. So what is Battlefield Premium?

Well first, the guys at DICE gleefully announced that since the release of Battlefield 3,
over 1.6 trillion bullets have been fired and over 50 million people
are playing worldwide. Really? They’re tracking individual bullets
fired. Anyway, there are several expansion packs coming, and with
Battlefield Premium, you’ll get them all and you’ll get them early.

Close Quarters expansion is already out on PS3, and if you have
Premium, Xbox 360 owners will get access to it next week. The Armored
Kill expansion drops in September, which will include huge maps designed
specifically for vehicles. Aftermath drops in December, and End Game is
coming in March of 2013. When all is said and done, these expansions
will bring 20 new maps, 20 new weapons, 10 new vehicles, 4 new game
modes as well as new assignments and new dog tags. 

As a
Battlefield Premium member, not only will you get all of that, and get
it early, but you’ll also have priority waiting in queues for servers,
exclusive camos and other elements to help you stand out in the game,
helpful tactics from the guys who made the game, double XP events just
for Premium members, the ability to reset your stats and more.

“estimated value” of all the expansion packs is $75, plus you’ll get
strategy guides and tips from the makers as well as all that exclusive
gear. So is it worth it? Well, if you’re planning on buying the
expansion packs any way; sure, why not? Best of all, it’s available