Dolphin Tale – Learning About God’s Love

by Yo Snyder

Matthew 9:35 (ESV) “And Jesus went throughout all the cities
and villages, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the
kingdom and healing every disease and every affliction.” In 2006, a dolphin
named Winter got caught in a crab trap, and although it was rescued, it
eventually lost its tail fin. However, Winter eventually learned to swim
without it, and against all odds, even learned how to swim with an artificial
tail. Her story has inspired disabled people throughout the entire nation, and
soon you can see it on the big screen in the new movie Dolphin Tale. One of my
favorite lines from the movie is when Morgan Freeman’s character, talking to a
frustrated army vet hurt in Afghanistan, says, “You’re hurt, not broken.” I
think that’s true for more of us than we’d like to admit. Regardless of whether
the wound is physical or not, a lot of us have been hurt and therefore we feel
like we’re broken and therefore useless. Well that just isn’t true because the
good news is we have a loving God who specializes in healing the hurt, and even
if you feel like you are broken, he’s also pretty good at repairs. Sometimes
that may mean a physical miracle because, yes, our God is still a God of the
miraculous. Sometimes that may mean mending our heart or changing our
perspective. Sometimes, it may mean getting the focus off of us and onto
others; how can our experience be a blessing and encouragement to others? If a
dolphin named Winter can learn that hurt doesn’t mean broken, and broken doesn’t
mean unfixable; surely we, creatures created in God’s image to have a personal
relationship with our Creator, can also learn just how true that is with God.