Despicable Me 3

by Justin Johnson

The question at this point is how long can Illumination keep up their mainstay animation Despicable Me?  If Despicable Me 3 is any indication, the ride is not going to be over anytime soon.  With a fresh story and some new ideas, this movie continues the success train and solidifies the third installment of fun with the ever popular Gru and his expanding family.  Expanding family you say?  A once dead father and long-lost twin brother enter the fold and give a new angle to the expanding story line.  Tie that with one of my favorite villains so far – the nefarious Balthazar Bratt, and you have all the key ingredients for success.

Entering where DM2 left off, we find Gru and Lucy working for the Anti-Villain League and chasing down our latest bad guy Balthazar.  Illumination targeted audience members such as myself with Balthazar as he is a trapped in the 80s bad guy using 80s music, dance moves, and memorabilia to conduct his crimes.  Watching him moon walk up a ship with Michael Jackson blasting, or using his synth guitar to blast out some Van Halen had me smiling from ear to ear!

DM3 presents some great moral dilemmas with Gru’s long lost brother Dru.  Dru informs our good guy Gru that he comes from a long line of Villains and pleads for Gru to return to the fold.  Will Gru be able to stand up to the temptations of all his father’s diabolical gadgets and Dru’s pleading? Go find out!  DM3 provides a wonderful family outing to the theater this weekend and offers some good conversation starters around temptation, white lies, and standing true to your convictions.

5 out of 7DM 3 sometimes felt like a kick off point to a new story pitting Gru against Dru instead of its own story, but provides plenty of entertainment and great laughs for the weekend outing to the theater.