by Yo Snyder

I don’t know how Ryan Coogler got Sylvester Stallone back into the Rocky franchise, but thank God he did. I heard Stallone as quoted saying how impressed he is with the franchise, “What’s amazing is that this character and these stories have stayed around without any special effects, without any car chases, without blowing anything up, which is what I usually do, no bullets, no cursing, no sex scenes.”  And that my friends is something to be proud of in this day and age.  Rocky received a much needed update compared to the last release.  I mean, does anyone really remember Rocky V?  Yea, thought so…

Coogler brought a very meaningful story to the Rocky franchise, one of an illegitimate son trying to find his place in the world and make sense of his life.  The fight scenes
in Creed are great, an homage to the history of the franchise while bringing some fresh moves.  But the fight scenes do not necessarily take center stage in this story, which makes it all the more enjoyable to watch.  We see strong characters and the start to a story which I think will take on a few more sequels.  After his initial reluctance to reprise the role of Rocky, Stallone has expressed interest in continuing the story of Adonis Creed and I am 100% in support.

The story is relatable.  In a sense we all struggle to find our identity.  And when Rocky finally takes Adonis under his arm, we see a story of adoption that can ring true for every Christian.  For were we not once lost without an identity chasing our own selfish desires before God saw fit to adopt us as sons and daughters?  I was worried that Creed might put too much focus on the Rocky of past or bring home a modern thrill a minute fight movie, thankfully it avoided both these pitfalls to give us new characters with meaning and heart.  And gave us a Holiday film that we can enjoy seeing with the family.  I for one hold a special place for Rocky.  Rocky IV was my first movie I saw in the theater with my friends (and not my parents) so I can look forward to one day taking my own kids to see a franchise started in my youth.  Oh wait! Double that this holiday season!

6 out of 7
Rated PG13 for violence and language – this may not be the Rocky reboot you expected, but it’s the Rocky reboot you wanted.