Contraband – Are People Really This Dumb?

by Yo Snyder

Contraband is film
about a man who cant seem to escape the consequences of his past life but is
it worth the time to see it or will you be wishing you could getaway from the
past of paying to watch it?

Contraband stars
Mark Wahlberg as Mark WahlbergI mean Chris Farraday, a guy who has turned from
a life of smuggling and now runs a small business. He was inspired to leave the life when he
settled down with his wife Kate, played by Kate Beckinsale, and they started a
family. Im a fan of Wahlberg but its
becoming harder and harder to differentiate characters of his from movie to
movie. I wanted to interject a say hi
to your mother for me from the SNL skit at one point and he almost said it
himself a time or two. The movie opens
with Chris and Kate now owning a successful security business and raising two
boys. Things quickly go awry when Kates
brother Andy, played by Caleb Landry Jones, has to dump a smuggling shipment
due to unforeseen circumstances. In
order to keep Andy alive, Chris must to take one last job to settle the
bill. The idea sounds great on paper but
the immediate problem with Contraband
is the lack of character by anyone. There do not seem to be real good guys and bad guys, just bad guys
and worse guys. Chris starts out angry
but willing to do this job to save Andy, but the next time we see him on the
boat hes grinning because he loves doing this work.  The motivation for any character isnt really
sold well minus Kate. One scene in
particular has Mark Wahlberg at a penitentiary visiting his father who is in
prison for this very thing and his father says the happiest day of my life was
the day you decided to go clean and in the next breathe says but you gotta do
what you gotta do kid and helps him get ready for the job. Really? Sadly, most of the writing is schizophrenic
and its hard to root for anyone. Ben
Foster and Giovanni Ribisi do their best with what they were given and I have
to say both do a great job acting through cardboard cutout stereotyped
writing. Another turn off for me is the
language and its a rare feat to get me to complain about mouth filters. Im not someone who counts eff bombs or
usually cares about it but there were more eff bombs in the movie than total
words in my review. After the movie,
Quentin Tarantino called to tell them he was offendedbut seriously, it was
just plain foul and mostly out of place. 
You're willing to pay me how much to do this lame movie?

I was jumping up and down like a kid trying to get the press
screener for this movie and at the end of the day the main positive is I didnt
have to pay. Even the ending felt clich
and out of place. Contraband reminded me of the later seasons of Breaking Bad. I love the
show but it started out with Walter White motivated to sell meth solely to
leave his family with something and has turned into a show where you root for
the Whites because they are the lesser of two evils. The difference between Breaking Bad and Contraband
is writing. Unfortunately, Contraband doesnt take that long to go
from A to B and by the end almost everyone is corrupt in some way. Hardcore Mark Wahlberg fans may be able to
get past the many flaws (they have so far in his career) but not many others

Score: 3/7