Christmas With The Guide – Win Gifts!

by Yo Snyder

Ah, Christmastime. We here at The Guide love Christmastime. In fact, we love it so much we just can’t wait
for Christmas to get here, so we decided to start celebrating a little early.
All this week, we’ll be giving away free stuff, including comics from Astro
Zombies, some free CDs from Static Radio, and a few video games as well,
including a Forza Horizon gift set
that includes the game, jump drive, and other cool stuff. You may be wondering;
“How do I win these fabulous prizes?” I’m so glad you asked. Each day look for
the (*SECRET WORD*). It may be here
on our website, or it may show up on our Facebook page, or we may tweet it over Twitter. You never know where you might find it. Look for the secret word and
email to theguide@mystaticradio.com
for your chance to win. Collect each secret word each day to complete the
secret phrase for a chance to win one of our big prize packs, like the Forza Horizon gift set. It’s just that
easy. Do what you do any way, keep up with all the good stuff The Guide posts,
look for the secret words such as (*SECRET
…(no really, that’s a real one, so write it down), collect the
secret words to create the secret phrase at the end of the week, and win some
cool Christmas gifts from The Guide and our partners. Fun, right? Enjoy, and
from all of us here at The Guide, Merry Christmas everyone!