Chasing Ice – A Chat With Prducer Paula DuPre’ Pesmen

by Yo Snyder

Climate change has become a political debate. Some say it’s
an urban myth. Others say there’s really no way to know for sure if global
warming and climate change is actually taking place. But what if there was?
What if there was practical, visual evidence of global warming? What then? Chasing Ice is a gripping documentary
with some of the most astounding, gorgeous imagery you’ll see on the big screen
this year. But it’s what it reveals about the reality of climate change and
global warming that will likely grip you the most. If you haven’t already, go
read our review of the film. We recently had a chance to talk with the
producer, Paula DuPre’ Pesmen about the making of the movie, the surprising things
discovered by it, and her interesting connection with the band Anberlin. Take a