Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Marvel Plays Some Spy Games

by Yo Snyder

So Captain America
was my favorite of the phase one Marvel movies, well, at least of the solo
adventures because it’s pretty hard to top the group effort of The Avengers.
Phase Two got off to a strong start with Iron
Man 3
despite not really adding much in the events post-Avengers, but Thor: The Dark
didn’t really move things forward at all in any sort of interesting
way. However, Captain America: The Winter
looks like it will not only be a fascinating standalone adventure,
one with an entirely different tone and feel that the first one, but one that
will expand and grow the story of the world post Avengers. Plus it has Robert
Redford channeling Spy Games in the
world of Marvel; which is just downright cool. Take a gander at the latest
trailer and share your thoughts in the comments below.