Captain America 2 –

by Yo Snyder

Captain America 2 gives a great storyline.  Not only do we see Winter Solider in all his glory, nicely tying up a loose end from the first Captain America movie, but we get a great plot with plenty of espionage from none other than Hydra.  It’s a story of who can you trust when everyone betrays you?  Captain America 2 handles this question rather well, giving great action sequences punctuated with an underlying reveal of just how deeply Hydra has infected America and Shield.  All I knew about the story going into the movie was Winter Soldier made an appearance, which I was very excited about.  What a great storyline when best friend turns into your enemy.  What will you do?  Turn the other cheek or fight back?  Captain America is faced with plenty of who can you trust issues, but none as hard as trusting his superior – Nick Fury.  As always, Nick Fury has multiple angles going and plenty of secrets stored away. For Captain America who just wants to serve his country, all the secrets make for trust issues.  And whats a good ol boy from the 40s supposed to do when they don’t know who to trust?
To sum it up, Black Widow delivers a line that causes Captain America pause to consider truth, something akin to “Truth is not the same for all people in all circumstances”.  Here we have the great contrast between Black Widow and Captain America.  She lies for a living and has a moral center that moves for the situation, Captain America on the other hand always tells the truth and has a stable moral center.  So we see Black Widow always pushing for more loose morals, and Captain America always pushing her to have more integrity.  Now the stage is set for a multi-level plot, who do you trust when you are betrayed by those closest to you?  Who are your leaders when they have been infiltrated by the enemy?  Who are your friends when they turn into the enemy?  And what does Hydra ultimately want?  These are the questions that lend to a very well done movie.  And they are questions that many of us can relate to (I mean, who doesn’t have a Hydra like co-worker?).  We live in a fallen world, where those with lose morals and shifting truth often seem to come out ahead.  We can face temptation, much like Captain America to bend our morals for the situation.  As Assassins Creed famously puts it “If nothing is true, everything is permitted”.  Thankfully, we have been given absolute truth in scripture, a truth that transcends time and circumstance given from a God outside of creation.  We have a rock on which we can stand, and proclaim that there is a truth we can believe in and savior we can trust to never let us down.  So when the world lets you down, turn to Jesus, a friend who you can trust.  And maybe that Hydra like co-worker will see something in you that tempts them to show a bit more integrity in future dealings.
I can’t imagine there are many on the fence about seeing this movie, but if you are, get off and go see it!  Its one of the best of the marvel series, the storyline alone makes for a very impressive film.  Although I would not say its better than Avengers, that’s going a bit far 😉
6 out of 7 – Rated PG13 for comic stylized violence, about the same level as other Marvel films.