Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – What We Know About Multiplayer

by Yo Snyder

More and more details are trickling out on what the new multiplayer in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will have to offer this November. And the more I hear, the more I’m convinced I may actually really enjoy it this time around. Modern Warfare 3 was fine and all, but it was just so familiar. Well, it would seem that Black Ops 2 is bringing a lot of fresh new ideas to the well-worn, and admittedly very successful, Call of Duty multiplayer formula.

of the most prominent changes is the new class system. No longer will
you have to customize a pre-set class, now you’ll have complete freedom
in creating a loadout and class that perfectly suits your style of play.
The new “Pick 10” system give you ten slots to fill however you please.
Don’t use your pistol, add in a different perk, or maybe an extra
grenade.  Or add a Wild Card, which does pretty much what it sounds
like, functions as a wild card that could give you an extra primary
weapon, the bonus of three attachments for a weapon, or maybe something
else equally useful. Perhaps more than ever before, you will truly be
able to craft a class that fully panders to your style and mode of
playing the game. You don’t have to keep anything you don’t like, you
aren’t forced to carry any gear that you don’t use; every single item in
your loadout can now be what you personally find useful and helpful.

about kill streaks. I’ve never been a huge fan of those mainly because,
well, I suck. And because I suck, I could never get high enough kill
streaks to get the truly awesome and powerful drops that others got
(which, annoyingly, just seemed to help their kill streaks in a vicious
snowball effect). Well in Black Ops 2, kill streaks are out, and
score streaks are in. The longer you keep your score going up, the more
perks and air-drops you’ll get. Now, I’m not entirely sure this will be
that big of a change, because again, if you can’t stay alive, you can’t
get your streak high and you won’t get to the good stuff. However, score
streaks do at least allow you get stuff without having to go for the
kill. Capture flags, secure objectives and other such actions can add to
your score streak just as much if not more as getting those elusive
head shots and so forth. I enjoy Battlefield 3 because there are
so many ways to score even if I don’t have the fastest reflexes or
sharp-shooting skills. Score streaks could be the Call of Duty version
of that, but only time will tell.

It’s also interesting to note
that while the level cap is 55, there are ten prestige levels and all
throughout, you’ll continue to unlock new gear. Apparently, it’s
impossible to unlock everything just going once through the level cap;
which I think may be good and bad. For players who don’t devote their
life to this game, such as I, does that mean that the more obsessive
players who cap and prestige the first week of the game’s release will
have the edge due to the gear they unlock? I fear some balancing issues
here, but we’ll see.

Finally, how would you feel about doing some
live-casting of a match? You know, streaming your game over the internet
for all the world to see? Yeah, looks like that may be a possibility in
Black Ops 2. It takes the whole concept of those YouTube “look
how awesome I am” videos a step further, basically embracing the fact
that people want to show-off their skills. This ability to do internet
broadcasting of game matches still remains an unknown quantity, but it’s
one with tremendous potential, especially when it comes to tournaments
and competitions. 

So there you go, all we know thus far about the tweaks and changes to the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
multiplayer. It truly may change things up quite a bit, giving the
franchise some much needed change and freshness. So what do you think?
Are you excited about these changes? Comment below.