Brave – Win A Copy On Blu-Ray/DVD

by Yo Snyder

Pixar’s Brave
featured a strong heroine who used a bow. Interestingly enough, so did The Hunger Games, which also came out
earlier this year. So, the question is, which came first; the fiery red-head
Merida and her bow or the brooding Katniss Everdeen and her lethal arrows?
Well, if you listened to our interview with Brave
producer Katherine Sarafian
, you know the answer to that, and if you know the
answer to that, you could win a copy of Pixar’s Brave on Blu-Ray/DVD. Just leave your answer in the comments
below, or at our Facebook page, and then check back this afternoon at 3pm and
we’ll choose TWO, yes Two, winners to receive Pixar’s Brave on Blu-Ray/DVD courtesy of Disney and Pixar.