Brave – A Chat With Producer Katherine Sarafian

by Yo Snyder

Pixar’s Brave
broke the mold in many ways. It was their first attempt at any sort of “fairy
tale” type story. It was their first feature with a princess. It was their first
story set in an ancient time period. And, when it came out, it was their first non-sequel
to come out in a few years. Only time will determine where Brave will ultimately settle in Pixar’s long list of endearing
classics. We recently had a chance to talk with producer Katherine Sarafian
about the production of the film, about what it’s like to work in a kilt, and
the more than passing resemblance between Merida and Katniss of The Hunger Games, and much more. And be
sure to check back tomorrow for a chance to win Brave on Blu-Ray and DVD courtesy of Pixar and Disney.