Brave – A Bold Vision From Pixar

by Yo Snyder

Odd as it may sound, one of the highlights of seeing Cars 2 was the sneak peek of Pixar’s new movie Brave. This film marks several firsts for the studio. It’s the first time they’ve tackled what may be considered a more traditional fairy tale. It marks the first time Pixar has gone significantly darker with its story telling, although the studio assures fans that it will still be family friendly. It’s also nice to see Pixar get back to some truly original material after releasing a couple of sequels with Toy Story 3 and, as I mentioned, Cars 2. We have to wait until next year before we can see the full scope of this bold new vision from Pixar, but just whet your appetite, here’s the first teaser trailer. Tell me this doesn’t get you stoked for this movie.