Big Hero 6 – Big Heart, Big Fun

by Yo Snyder

When Disney announced their purchase of Marvel, many fans
began to dream of the possibilities of Pixar making an animated Marvel movie.
After all, The Incredibles is
considered a true super hero classic, animated or otherwise, so just imagine what
they could do with actual Marvel characters. Well, it doesn’t seem like that
particular dream is going to come to pass any time soon, but Disney Animation
has been on a hot streak of its own recently, so that’s led to pretty much the
next best things: a Disney animated Marvel super hero movie. No, Big Hero 6 isn’t exactly the most well-known
property, and no, despite recent successes Disney Animation isn’t quite on the
same level as Pixar, and no, Big Hero 6
doesn’t reach the perfection of something like The Incredibles, but it’s still delightfully enjoyable. It’s a bit
formulaic, but it has such a big heart that it’s still entirely endearing
despite covering extremely familiar ground.

Baymax, the inflatable personal robotic healthcare assistant,
is the undisputed star of film. His sincerity, naiveté, kindness, and
willingness to help makes him the most endearing Disney character since Olaf in
Frozen. In truth, I don’t think any
of us would mind having our own personal healthcare assistant, and in fact,
that’s what many expect God to be. After all, if he really was a loving God,
why wouldn’t he want to make us “better”; to instantly cure our hurts and
diseases so that we might enjoy a higher quality of life. One of God’s names is
even the Great Physician, and the Bible tells numerous stories of how Jesus
went around healing all who were sick. God is even talked about as being a personal
God; ergo, why wouldn’t he function as our personal healthcare assistant.

I confess that this is something I struggle with and have
often been disappointed with. There are some pretty serious needs for healing
in my family, and no matter how much I pray, healing just isn’t happening. So
what happened to my personal, caring God who can heal? And yet, as I reflected
on this question while watching Baymax do everything he could to help Hiro feel
“better”, I realized perhaps I was being a bit limited in my thinking about
what God could do to heal those I love. The truth is God has already done
everything he could to make us “better”. The truth is he outright cured the
most serious ailment that afflicts us all, and it cost nothing less than the
sacrifice of his own Son. Jesus provided the cure for the SIN virus with his
own blood, and there is no more serious condition that needs healing. Baymax at
best can provide temporary relief, but only God was able to provide a permanent
and eternal cure. As for the rest of what I think needs to be done so far as
healing my family, well, I can be sure that God has that well in hand as well,
despite the fact that the treatment may not meet my timetable or what I think
is prescribed. However, thanks to Jesus, I know that my family, and anyone who
wants to, can be eternally cured from SIN, which in turn will lead to an
eternal and eternally healthy life. In fact, it will lead to the greatest quality
of life available. It cost God everything to provide, which he did because he
does love and care about us so very much. It costs us just a little faith and

Baymax and his relationship with Hiro makes up the heart and
soul of Big Hero 6, and it’s
fortunate that it works so well because some of the rest of the film is a bit
underdeveloped. The rest of the team aren’t developed much as characters, the
villain is entirely predictable and the attempt at giving him a sympathetic
backstory is short changed a bit so it doesn’t have the impact it should, and
many parts of the film stick pretty close to the tried and true Marvel formula.
Still, there are some wonderfully tender moments, some great moments of comedy,
some impressive action set pieces, and a seen where Hiro’s enjoyment and thrill
at flying with Baymax is so infectious, so visually lush, that I had a big
stupid grin on my face the entire time because I was so caught up in that moment.

No, Big Hero 6 isn’t
another Incredibles, but it has a
delightful charm and endearing heart all its own. One still has to wonder what
something like this might have been like had it come directly from Pixar, but
Disney has learned much from bringing Pixar directly into the House of Mouse,
and considering what a wonderful job they’ve done with this much more obscure
Marvel property, I have high hopes that perhaps some more well-known Marvel
heroes will get the Big Hero 6
treatment as well. As for this movie, it’s a delightful adventure that the
entire family can thoroughly enjoy. It has so much heart (I know I keep saying
that, but it’s true), and its characters of Hiro and Baymax are so endearing
that it’s easy to look over the flaws and get caught up in the adventure and
fun. Big Hero 6 should be high on
everyone’s list of films to see this holiday season.

Score: 5 of 7 – Some of
the action sequences might be a bit intense for really young kids, but
otherwise there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Big Hero 6 no matter what age you are. It will capture the
imagination and tickle the funny bones of both the young and the young at