Battlefield 3 – New Footage From Back To Karkand DLC

by Yo Snyder

As we finish off the Thanksgiving leftovers, gamers are looking for
something fresh in some of the games they’ve playing all month long.
Fortunately for Battlefield 3 fans, that desire will be satiated
very soon. The Back to Karkand expansion pack releases soon, and to get
everyone excited, the folks over at DICE have posted some new footage.
The new pack features some favorite maps from Battlefield 2, and
some favorite vehicles as well including the STOVL fighter (very cool),
the desert buggy and a new APC. There’s also a fourth new vehicle in
this pack and it’s featured in the video (look for it at around the 1:03
mark). Another big feature is some extra destruction on the new maps,
which judging by this video, is going to make battles more frantic than
ever. The new pack is free for everyone who purchased the Limited
Edition version of the game, or about $15 bucks otherwise, and PS3
owners will get the new maps a week before anyone else. Take a look at
the new footage from the Gulf of Oman and tell us what you think.