Battlefield 3 – My First Battle

by Yo Snyder

I spawn in a bright, sun saturated desert. There’s an air strip
nearby, but the two jets sitting on the tarmac are already taken. As are
the other vehicles. So I hoof it across the dirt and scrub to the first
objective as the jets streak overhead and begin their swirling dance of
death. Just watching them from a distance is awesome.

I get the
first objective located inside a warehouse. Compared the bright sun
outside, the shadows are deep and dark; great cover for concealing
enemies, but I don’t encounter any. I don’t encounter any at the next
objective either. Although I see enemy tanks, helicopters and jets, I
haven’t seen anyone foot yet and am starting to wonder if I’m the only
one jogging around. I follow a teammate to the third objective and again
capture it without incident. However, objective B is being lost, so I
start back that way when I finally spot someone. My assault rifle
crisply clatters and a few short bursts and they’re down. Despite the
constant sound of battle all around me – jets screaming by, tank machine
guns firing, explosions adding their deep sound to the chaos – that was
my first encounter, and I’m glad I came out okay.

Back at
objective B I hide in the shadows of a warehouse as my team recaptures
it. As I move on the catwalks above, I spot movement below me. I pursue.
Rounding a corner, both I and my enemy are surprised as we almost run
into each other. I drop to crouch and fire, but my clip is empty.
Quickly switching to my pistol, I finish him before he finishes me.
Whew! That was close. With very little action after that, I head back to
objective, help recapture it, and then join a teammate in a tank. We
rumble back to objective B where I mow down a few guys, and then we head
to C. As we capture it, our tank is rocked with an explosion. I swivel
my cannon and spot the guy hiding in the shadows behind us. I mow him
down, but what’s this? Another one hiding behind a car, firing a rocket,
I adjust my aim…but it’s too late, our tank explodes. 

I have spawn way back at the beginning. However, this is jeep nearby,
so I jump in and race toward objective B. As I swerve in next to the
flag, I bail out and head into the shadows of the warehouse’s interior. I
spot movement of a guy running my way, so I hide in a corner and take
them out as they pass, RPG in hand, obviously looking to destroy me jeep
(probably assuming I’m still in it trying to capture the objective). I
then run upstairs, go prone, and get hit by a jet missile. Round over.
My team wins.

As I get my score from my first Battlefield 3 battle, I reflect on what I’ve learned. On these larger vehicle maps, Battlefield 3
doesn’t feel much like CoD; as some felt with the cramped map from the
beta. The action is bit slower, more methodical, and it pays to work as
team. Also, vehicles are awesome. Racing along in a jeep only to see the
flaming wreckage of a jet crash in front of you is truly amazing. Also,
this game looks really good, but the audio, when set on war tapes, is
truly the stand out. It’s so crisp and has so much punch; it just makes
the experience something special. It’s also clear from the post-game
scoring that I have a lot of leveling up to do. Every weapon, every
vehicle, ever skill can level up independently along with your overall
level. Looking forward to working my way through all that. Most people
are only buying Battlefield 3 for the multiplayer. A quick round of conquest suggest to me that it’s well worth the purchase for that alone.