Battlefield 3 – Game Night With The Guide

by Yo Snyder

All right, the big night is almost here. Tonight
at 2000 hrs MST (that’s 8pm mountain time), we’re going
to blow some stuff up real good. It’s The Guide’s Battlefield 3 Game Night (and we say “game night” because it’s not
really a tournament, but there will be prizes). So, here’s what you need to do.
Log on to Battlefield 3. Go to browse
servers, do a search for The Guide. When you find our server, join it. Then, in
the Squad and Team menu, make sure you set your VOIP to “Team” so you can chat
with the guys from The Guide and get announcements about what prizes are up for
grabs and how to win them. If you like, during matches you can set that VOIP to
“Squad” so you don’t have quite as many voices to contend with as you coordinate
your attacks, but at the beginning of each match we’ll have some announcements
that we’ll share with the entire team, so make sure to switch it back to hear
what’s going on. So, what exactly do we have to give away? Well, we have a
bunch of CDs from Static Radio, including KJ52, NineLashes and Manafest. We
also have some cool stuff from our buds over at Astro Zombies, including a
hardback edition of the graphic novel Batman:
Earth One
, a copy of Hawkeye #1
and Gambit #1 along with other random
titles, and we’ll also have some used copies (we used them to do our reviews)
of Tiger Woods 12 and Madden NFL 12. And, as per your request
on our Facebook poll, we will play a combination of Rush and Conquest on some
classic BF3 maps and some Back to Karkand maps. It’s going to be an epic night,
so be sure to join us tonight at 2000 hrs MST (8pm mountain) for some
awesome Battlefield 3 action with The
Guide. Oh, and for those of you hunting dog tags, Yo’s gamertag is batyo and
Stevo’s is sTeVo j.