Battlefield 3 – Game Night With Project 86

by Yo Snyder

How would you guys like to join Project 86 for a little Battlefield 3? Sounds like fun, right?
Well, you can. On Monday, July 23rd, play with the guys from the
band and see if you can steal their dog tags (because, you know, there’s just
something satisfying about that). Andrew and the guys are renting a couple Battlefield 3 servers, just do a search
for “project 86 server 1” and “project 86 server 2” and use the password “siren”
to join-in on the fun. One server will feature rush and conquest and the other
will host team death match. The matches will be ranked matches, and you don’t
need to have the new Close Quarters Combat maps, but otherwise, you should make
sure your BF3 multiplayer is up to date. And just so you know who you’re hunting
for when looking to get some dog tags, keep your eyes peeled for P86Andrew,
P86Scott, P86Dustinn, and P86Norman. (I’ll also be making an appearance, but no
one will want batyo’s dog tags, right?)

All of this explosive fun is to get everyone amped for the
release of Wait for the Siren, P86’s
new album which releases August 21st. I’m sure if we could have
custom soundtracks for Battlefield 3,
that would be the perfect music for it (the album cover even looks like a
Battlefield cover). So again, play Battlefield
with the guys from Project 86 (and maybe Yo from The Guide) on Monday,
July 23rd starting at 6pm PST (that’s 7pm here in the Mountain