Battlefield 3 – Game Night On August 17th

by Yo Snyder

So coming up August 17th, we’re going to get
together for a little friendly Battlefield
competition. Twenty-two lucky players will get to team up with some of
the editors here at The Guide for a chance to have some fun and  win some
prizes. We’ll give away some of the review copies of games like Tiger Woods PGA and Madden NFL we’ve used in the past year, and we’ll have some prizes
from Astro Zombies, including a hard-cover edition of the new Batman: Earth One. We haven’t decided
exactly what we’ll do to give those away (hunting dog tags may be involved), but we’ll have many more details
about The Guide’s Battlefield 3 game
night as the evening draws closer. So mark your calendars for Friday, August 17th
and join The Guide for some destructive mayhem and fun with Battlefield 3. Watch our Facebook and Twitter, or check back here for more details soon. Plus, this Saturday, August 11th, we’re going to “practice”. We’re going to set up a server just to figure out all the wrinkles, but if you’re more than welcome to jump on and play, especially if you’re a new player. We’ll share what few tips and strategies we know to help you get ready for the main event on the 17th. Search for The Guide server and if needed, we’ll set the password to “reviews”. Look for gamertags batyo and sTeVo j. We’ll let you know exactly what times we’ll be on later this week.