Battlefield 3 – First Look At Armored Kill DLC

by Yo Snyder

The next addition to Battlefield 3‘s multiplayer was recently
unveiled. The new Armored Kill map pack is all about the vehicles, and
judging by the trailer, it should be pretty awesome. The new pack
includes 4 new maps (including the “biggest Battlefield map ever”), 5
new vehicles including what appears to be a C-130 gunship, new
assignments, and a new tank superiority mode. A couple of other things
to take away from the trailer: it looks like we’ll finally get some snow
maps (me and a friend of mine were just talking about how that’s the
one thing we’ve been missing in Battlefield 3), there appears to
be a new form of mobile artillery with missiles, and possibly a new
helicopter?  All in all, it looks cool, and for those who feel that
Close Quarters just isn’t “Battlefield” enough, this pack should
certainly take care of that complaint. Look for it to drop this
September, and remember, if you’re a premium member, you’ll get access
two weeks early.