Battlefield 3 – Close Quarters DLC Incoming

by Yo Snyder

With Ghost Recon: Future Soldier on the horizon and its
multiplayer beta being put through the paces right now, and with rumors
of the next Call of Duty (most likely Black Ops 2) to be officially announced soon, apparently DICE and EA figured this would be a good time to remind gamers that Battlefield 3 still has some goodies up its sleeve.

trailer for the first of three DLC packs due this year was recently
released, giving gamers a sense of the chaos and destruction that’s
bound to come from the new maps of the “Close Quarters” pack. As the
name implies and as the trailer demonstrates, this pack will consist of
more constricted areas – hallways, courtyards and the like – making the
combat fast and intense. The trailer also demonstrates the Frostbite 2
engine’s ability to render an impressive amount of destruction. The
“Close Quarters” DLC hits consoles this June, and one week earlier on
the PS3. Later this year DICE will release “Armored Kill” pack, which
will focus on vehicles, and then toward the end of the year the “End
Game” pack, which will focus on…well, we’re not entirely sure just
yet, releases. 

So sure, there’s some shiny new shooters coming out this year like Ghost Recon, a new Call of Duty annual installment, and that tiny little game known as Halo 4, but Battlefield 3 still
has plenty of fun and destruction for players to enjoy, so don’t be so
quick to trade in for one of those newer games. When that “Close
Quarters” pack officially hits, I’m thinking we need to have a The
Guide game night; what do you think?