Battlefield 3 – Armored Kill DLC Now Available

by Yo Snyder

When the last batch of DLC debuted for Battlefield 3, it had some
worried that DICE was trying too hard to court the CoD crowd. It
featured tight, fast-paced maps with nary a vehicle in sight. It still
had some Battlefield flair, but it definitely felt like a Battlefield 3
version of Call of Duty. Well, if you felt that way, have no fear. The
new “Armored Kill” DLC, which releases today for PS3 Premium
players (next week for Xbox 360 Premium players), is all about the vehicles. There are five new vehicles
available, including the awesome C-130 gunship. There are also four of
the biggest maps to ever grace a Battlefield game, and a new “Tank
Superiority” mode. So if you’ve been looking for destructive vehicular
mayhem as only Battlefield can do it, than take heart, because it’s all
there in the latest DLC for Battlefield 3. We’ll have our
impressions of “Armored Kill” up soon, in the meantime, enjoy some sweet
gameplay footage from the launch trailer and let us know what you think
of it in the comments below.