Batman Live! – We Interview The Cast

by Yo Snyder

There was one thing that kept coming up while we interview the
principal cast for Batman Live.
Whenever we asked one of the cast members how they felt about being in live
production Batman show, they all kept say, “It’s Batman!” In other words, is
there anything cooler? Who wouldn’t want a chance to be a part of the Batman
world? Keep in mind, many of these actors are classically trained, yet for
them, this is one of the ultimate roles because, well, “It’s Batman!”

George Turvey gets to play the title role, which means he
can actually say, “I’m Batman.”

Kamran Darabi-Ford plays Dick Grayson, who by the end of the
show becomes Robin. While it’s true that everyone would love to be Batman, at
least Kamran thinks he has the cooler costume.

Emma Clifford plays Catwoman, a character who’s always been
an interesting part of the Batman universe as you’re never quite sure whose
side she’s on. That just one of the reason Emma was excited to take on the

And then there’s Mark Frost as The Joker. The guy definitely
looks perfect for the part with that smile of his. Plus, he thinks Mark Hamill
is one of the all-time great Jokers, so that means he’s a geek just like the
rest of us.

If there’s one thing we took away from talking all of these
great people, it’s that they’re obviously having a lot of fun travelling the
world and doing a live Batman show. For anyone who grew up putting on a towel
as a cape and performing our own live-action heroics, being able to do it on
this type of grand scale would have to be a dream come true. And in the end,
that’s what super heroes should be; fun. Batman
definitely has a large dose of that emanating from the cast and crew.

Batman Live! is now playing at the Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho. through this Sunday, October 21st. For details, click here.